by Carmelina

Released 2009
Morena Records
Released 2009
Morena Records
ASCAP Latino highlighted Carmelina’s debut album “Morena” as one of the most anticipated albums of the coming year. "Morena" is a fusion of modern Pop/R&B blended with Tropical elements and dynamic pop vocal harmonies.
Carmelina is South Harlem’s golden girl. An artist from birth and the daughter of a merengue musician, this singer/songwriter/producer lets her music communicate her soul and reflect her upbringing, which spanned from Barahona, Dominican Republic to New York City.

Singer/songwriter/producer Carmelina first appeared on the national music scene in the summer of 2008 with the release of her first single “Mueve Las Caderas,” a rhythmic modern Pop/R&B track infused with tropical elements and dynamic harmonies. The song became the #1 listened to track on and led ASCAP Latino to highlight Carmelina’s forthcoming album “Morena” (Morena Records, June 9, 2009)as one of the most anticipated albums of the coming year.

“Since I was a little girl I wanted to sing and dance and my family always encouraged me to explore my creativity. At home we listened to Merengue, Salsa and Bachata but outside the base line of hip-hop rattled my window. It’s that baseline and a combination of tropical elements that has become a signature of my Pop/R&B sound,” explains Carmelina.

She’s warm, bubbly and easy-going, but there’s something deeply sensitive and determined about Carmelina – you may witness her inner passion and strength reflected in her debut album “Morena” (Morena Records, June 9, 2009), in which she collaborates with former Trackmaster Curt Gowdy, Game G and Coptic. Carmelina penned the entire album and co-produced three of the twelve tracks.

“I was heavily involved in all facets of this album and it has been a labor of love, literally,” muses Carmelina. “Usually after writing some lyrics, I already knew in my head how the music should sound. The producer and I would sit and share ideas about instrumental influences and that became our blueprint.”

Carmelina has appeared in the pages of Defining Trends Magazine and El Especial Newspaper. Online features include,,,, and She also recently appeared alongside Sesame Street icon “Maria” (Sonia Manzano) at the Children’s Aid Society to raise funds for New York Public Schools in lieu of budget cuts.

“I’m super excited for this album and to reach more people through my music. I really think there’s something here for everyone, in Spanish and English,” says Carmelina.

Carmelina may have started life in the Dominican Republic and developed her signature sound in Spanish Harlem but she doesn’t plan on staying put. She will be embarking on a national tour to support her debut album and plans on collecting fans, respect and inspiration along the way.

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