"I was born to win
I was born to fight"



"Born To Win" is a very special song to me because it is the first time that I've written an inspirational song about the fight of the spirit.  I've been meaning to do this for a while, and it feels really good to have accomplished it.

The music video for "Born To Win" had to hit home for me and I wanted to incorporate a little piece of me that loves beautiful scenery and in turn becomes inspired by nature's beauty.  As a New Yorker, it is difficult to get in touch with your spirit while being surrounded by concrete and I asked Michael Garcia if we could shoot the video in a very special place, the Harlem Meer...and so we did!

Carmelina and director, Michael Garcia

When i came across the director of the "Born To Win" music video, Michael Garcia, i was impressed by the way he utilizes time lapse imagery in his videos, and I knew then that he would be the director for "Born To Win".  Michael is easy to work with and as we shot along my Harlem neighborhood, we were able to capture beautiful cinematography and the golden foliage of New York City.  Central Park would take a lifetime to explore, Michael managed to capture that little part of me that stares in the distance daydreaming of great things to come. 

Carmelina and Kristine (niece)

One of my favorite parts of shooting the "Born To Win" music video was spending time with my niece, Kristine, behind the camera.  I remembered rehearsing the chorus with her during Christmas and she learned to use her pretty voice in the process.  She did so well in front of the camera and the director, Michael Garcia, captured her innocence in spite of the cold lol.  Kristine is a star and as the cold wind blew and the sun kissed her hair, Kristine's youthful spirit connected easily with the camera.


"I was born to shine
Stand on the spotlight"



Learn more about director, Michael Gacia by visiting his official website and reel:  www.shotbymgf.com 


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