I've never been a quitter, but when you get hit with a disease that requires every once of strength, it's easy to just throw in the towel. My heart was broken.

I learned that quitting was the easy part, but continuing in the direction of your path requires a lot heart. I'd written plenty of songs while recovering from breast cancer treatment with the idea that maybe one day, when i'm 100%, I'd record them.

And, although i felt alone at times the only thing I kept penning where celebratory lyrics. Positive lyrics. It's as if the "recovered me" was already present. However, my body didn't quite feel that way. "How was this possible", I asked myself.

How can I be going through something so intense and I am writing as if I was fully healed? But, as i look back, I remembered when I was diagnosed, how all I wanted to do was just recover. And I did!  I am renewed.

I was played amazing production and I couldn't help to choose such an infectious beat like the one "Alegria" has. It was perfect. I brought home the beat and I felt so fulfilled because this time around I was no longer on training wheels.

 "Alegria" is here! and available on iTunes and Cdbaby.


Antonio Rivera aka MagicMan Rivers July 30, 2012 @10:55 am
God has truly blessed you with a great gift and that is to entertain the world with you beautiful voice and presonality. Thank you for being yourself. Your have truly given people hope and ambishion to continue their battle to succeed in life regard what life throws at you. With much love and repsect. Sincerely Yours, Antonio Rivera

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