It felt so good to be back in my native birth place, the Dominican Republic.  It felt really good to go on a short vacation and leave the city girl behind, nonetheless, a "beautification". Better yet, let's just say it was a beautification from within.  I wanted to get in touch with my spirit in my mother land.

Sometimes, all we worry about is what to wear, what goes together and doesn't, did we pack the right things, but do we ever just pause and take a moment to breathe and get in touch with our inner voice; our spirits.

This time around, I took the opportunity to tap into my soul.  My inner beauty is just as important, if not, more important than my outer beauty.
Our outer world is a reflection of what goes on inside of us.  So, Carmy took this vacation as an opportunity for a "beatification". yeah!  I wanted redefine the experience.
My spirit arrived even before I landed.  Carmy, the island girl was ready! lololol

Take flight

I was on a mission to merge my internal dialogue with the beautiful aesthetics of my native, Dominican Republic.  I wanted my soul to reflect back the beauty of the tropical paradise that I was so blessed to be born in. 

I got in touch with mother nature and relished the beautiful sunsets in Puerto Plata, DR, and the cooling and freshness of the morning waves as I walked it's beautiful sands and exfoliated my skin with it's rich textures.

I acknowledged and basked in the beauty of the sun's Vitamin D kiss.  I ate from the earth and allowed mother nature to fill me with its organic nutrition.

Higuero tree from Dominican Republic
~Higuero, tropical fruit

I exchanged care-free smiles and hugs.  I giggled until I became exhausted from the beach and the pool and fun activities in the sun.

But, while one thing resonated with me the most, was when I bought a "Larimar" stoned-ring on the beach and I remembered that what I read once that "the "Larimar" stone helps you stay connected to the goddess energies of Sea and Sky, Larimar helps women to re-attune to their innate femininity and restore their connection with nature.

The Larimar emanates vivaciousness, humor, and a sense of one's own power. It helps women to call upon the goddess within to fully manifest their highest purpose in life." This is so true and you bet that I wanted to summon my inner goddess and I did!!!! lolololol

The beautification of Carmy~carmelina

During my beautification, I realized that we tend to search outside ourselves, when all we need is inside of us.

My flight home was so smooth and my spirit had awakened. I stared at the clouds on the plane and couldn't wait to do it all over again.

"You don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination.”

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