I was born in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and throughout my childhood (and 'til this day) the elements of traditional music resonate in my spirit.  Culture is important and to be connected to your roots is a must if you want to make beautiful music.  Music has to come from the soul.

~ carmelina
        "If you don't know your past you don't know your future" --Bob Marley

Our traditional music is Merengue and Bachata in the Dominican Republic.  However, in Jamaica, other similar sounds inspire traditional music like Reggae, Dancehall, Soca etc..  Although we'd like to name our influences, all of these beautiful sounds stem from the caribbean and into the heart of the world.  Our music is contagious and it's all in the hips lol.

"Hey Mr. DJ Turn it up"
"Hey Mr. DJ I can't get enough"
"Hey Mr. DJ Turn it up"
"Hey Mr. DJ We can't get enough"

"Selecta" was written by Carmelina and Mighty Mystic from the heart and was born out of love for island music itself.  "Selecta" is an ode to the Deejay.  Deejays are so important to the music industry as they bring the music to the people. Deejays set the pace or the "vibe" of the party.

"Selecta" features "Mighty Mystic, one of the new leaders of the Reggae movement in the United State and is produced by DJ Creativity.


Mighty Mystic

 ~ Mighty Mystic 


Mighty Mystic's chants are original and the tonality to his voice is so magical. His good vibes in "Selecta" makes the song so enjoyable.  Mighty Mystic was the perfect Reggae artist to collaborate with in "Selecta" because his music is so amazing.  Mighty Mystic is such a dedicated artist and he is like forever on tour! lololol.  He is the real McCoy.

Music connects the world in unspoken ways - "Selecta". 

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