yoga rules!! ~carmelina

I love to travel and I've always wanted to go somewhere warm for my birthday.  My birthday is in January and i am an Aquarius.  I love the beach but am sensitive to the sun.  But, this doesn't stop me from enjoying a fun yoga trip to Costa Rica!!!

Yoga is very special to me.  When i was in College, Yoga helped me focus on my studies especially  during finals.  As I got older, I've learned to incorporate yoga in my busy, weekly schedule.  

Yoga helps you dream more! ~carmelina

Connecting to my mind, body and spirit is important because you can set intentions and accomplish your goals with a clear mind and less stress.  You feel a sense of ease and joy when you include yoga as part of you spiritual journey.  I heard that Yoga is a lifetime practice so there is no rush. There is no competition.  Everyone's practice is unique.

Carmelina w/ Sara Clark 

Sara Clark is the most amazing instructor.  I was so excited to go on my very first yoga retreat with Sara.  She understands that yoga is not about how you look but about your personal efforts and how you feel.  Yoga is for all shapes and sizes, and this is what made our retreat at La Cusinga in Costa Rica so special:  The diversity of the yoga team!


La Cusinga Ecolodge, Costa Rica 

Sara Clark is part of Daily Bliss Yoga family and Sara scouted the most beautiful place in the middle of the jungle, La Cusinga!  We woke up to the sounds of the fouler monkeys and the sights of the Tucan.  This was such an amazing and new experience to me.  The jungle is alright!!! lol 

The sunsets were breath-taking and we all felt as one during our practice.  It was just like living in paradise!   

Pura vida! Means that no matter what your current situation is, life for someone else can always be less fortunate than your own.

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