A brand new DJ Duo! NSANITY! 

I've never worked with a mix of two producers before and I was searching for a new, innovated sound for my "Selecta" dancehall single featuring Mighty Mystic and everything happened so fast!!  A new sound all the way from Rotterdam had emerged and I wanted in!!

I presented the idea to the amazing DJ Duo, NSANITY and they came back with the most amazing remix and I was so pleased!

The NSANITY Remix has an aggressive sound.  The genre is an extension of EDM:  Progressive House/Big Room.  It's fast!  It's Furious!!! 

Carmelina x NSANITY is a mesh of a sonic collaboration!  It's international. East meets West:  Rotterdam meets New York City!  An innovative and eclectic vibe that penetrates every aura in your body and makes you hit the dance floor! 

The "Selecta" NSANITY Remix is a combination of male and female energies that explode in the drop! Lolololol 

I'm looking forward to making more amazing music with NSANITY through Morena Records!

Download Carmelina - Selecta featuring Mighty Mystic (NSANITY Remix) on iTunes

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