The phototshoot call time was 3pm but Diana emailed us letting us know at 8am that there was a great chance of rain and that it would be a great idea to begin the shoot at 12noon. 

I was ready!  This was a new experiencfe for me shooting outside and I must admit I was a bit nervous.

It was such a pleasure to shoot with Diana.  From the moment I met her I got a sense that this would be a great photo shoot.  She is warm, down to earth and ready to get the job done.

Although, I learned she was a celebrity photographer, I knew there was something specIal about her when I saw the way in which she captured Usher's beautiful smile In natural light on her site.  I wanted that!

I really enjoyed talking to her on the car rIie to our locatIon.  I shared my vision wIth Diana and she was certainly a professional who could bring it to life.

I wanted the camera to capture my personalIty - downright silly and fun.  

I also wanted her to capture the serIous side of me when I am completely focused on my musIc and nothIng outside of my head exists at the moment. No one really ever sees this side and I was ready to share.

I suggested we go by Riverside Drive and 120th In New York City.  There Is this wonderful, beautIful church, Riverside Church, and It's so peaceful and the architecture is awesome.  I was hoping we'd  finish up before they let the kids out from school at 3pm, and we did!

The Incredible thing about shootIng with Diana is that I really didn't have to do much but be myself, and I am so grateful for this.  Diana encouraged me to be my authentIc self and this brought about beautIful photos for my new Alegria project.

Many times I walked over to Diana to take a peep at the stills and sometimes I couldn't believe how gorgeous her photos were.  I asked her in awe  "Is that me?" at one point because although I was standing before her I didn't know how magIcal everything was turning out.

Another highlight and compliment to the photo shoot was Sabrina, make up artist extraordinaire!  Sabrina made everything flawless.  She was patient with me and so creative wIth her unique blend of beautiful colors on my face.

The fusion of Diana and Sabrina along with beautiful, natural light made thIs one of the best experIences I've had in my career.  The weather could not have been any more perfect!

Not one rain drop.

Check out Diana Levine (celebrity photographer) official site -

"putting on my face with make up artist, Sabrina"


joseph July 18, 2012 @04:39 pm
carmelina every song is a true masterpiece you sing from the true essence of your heart for the love of the people keep being you beautiful angel a true natural beauty that enlightens everyones hearts with love and joy dont change for no one carmelina god bless and keep on rockin
will marin July 18, 2012 @12:16 am
very cool song.
Omar LaBarca July 17, 2012 @09:06 pm
You looking beautiful as always!!!!
Add-On Beatz July 08, 2012 @11:12 pm
This is a fantasic write up the pictures came out goregeous and "Sabrina" said thanks for the mention.

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