When i received a call to perform and also be a speaker at this year's "Freestyle Reunion and Cancer Benefit", I was honored!  I've always been a fan of Freestyle music and to have the opportunity to meet some of Freestyle music's pioneers, I jumped at the chance!  

I made my way to "El Barrio" in Spanish Harlem, NY, about 15 minutes from I live lol.  It was the perfect Summer day to enjoy the celebration con mi gente latina!

Carmelina Live

The first thing I normally do before i perform is meet the DJ hosting the event, and this time I finally got to meet DJ Rio Lopez!  There he was on the 1s and 2s as we shared brief stories and laughed at the people we knew in common.  I made sure that by the end of the day, DJ Rio Lopez had a radio drop from Carmelina! After all, Music is my life!!!

I was previously told by the show's coordinator and founder, John Rosario, that he wanted me to be an integral part of the show as I am a Breast Cancer Survivor!  John Rosario wanted the audience to learn about my experience and how important it is to continue living your life to the fullest, in spite of crossing paths with this terrible disease!

Carmelina Live
Carmelina with (left) DJ Rio Lopez  and (right) John Rosario

Carmelina was P-R-E-S-E-N-T-E!

I just love kids and when this little girl from the audience was inspired to sing with me, I gave her my mic! LOL  She wanted to shine!  She sang the hooks to L.O.V.E. and Looking For Love" - the two songs I performed.  

Carmelina Live

I have to confess, there is something so special about our youth and it inspires me to become a better person everyday.  Making music has never been just about me.

Sometimes you have to demonstrate to your community and beyond that it's okay to give ourselves permission to become everything we've ever wanted to be.  A little encouragement comes a long way!!

While at the show, in the audience were two of my favorite people! Bronx Rapper "Boulevard" and producer ""Mighty Thor".  I collaborated with these guys on my debut album "Morena" (Morena Records).  

Carmelina with (left) Rapper "Boulevard and (right) Producer "Mighty Thor"

I also had the pleasure to meet and exchange smiles with one of the original members of the Freestyle group "TKA", Angel!  He offered some great advice about the music industry, and was I was so grateful for that! Something told me that this event would be quite special...and it sure was!!! 

 Carmelina Live
Carmelina with Angel (original member) of "TKA"

Spreading awareness through music is a lifetime journey for me. Freestyle mission accomplished! :) 

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