I've been experimenting with music for a little while, but when I got a call from DJ Creativity himself, I was in total shock!  I was so excited to hear from him.  He made my day!

DJ Creativity is the ultimate representation of an accomplished DJ.  DJ Creativity is a Radio DJ for KDAY FM and KJLH (Los Angeles, CA), WHWT FM (Huntsville, AL), KPAT FM (Santa Maria, CA), Superadio, and the well known Music Choice, etc...

He said that he was interested in working with me, and he provided me with this amazing EDM/Dance/House track that he produced himself so I can write to.  

I was up for the challenge!  After all, this is what I do lol.  

I called him back a few days later with what I had written.  I sang the melody over the phone and DJ Creativity was pleased.  I was ecstatic because I've been wanting to write a song about the struggle of the single life!  The time had come!!

"Looking For Love" was born out of a conversation with my girlfriends a few weeks back.  We joked over brunch about how we'd buy all this expensive make-up and pretty clothes so that we can show off at the club and the VIP.  

Of course, most of the time, quality friendships with the opposite sex do not materialize at the club lmao!, but that does not keep us from making new friendships and having a great time and living for the moment...at the VIP. 

"Looking For Love" is a very special song and should resonate with fun, single girls like myself!  Stay positive muchachas!  True love shall cross our paths soon. :)

 DJ Creativity "Looking For Love" featuring Carmelina Coming Soon!  Check out the teaser below xoxo!


"Looking For Love" - Lyrics video



Also, check out DJ Creativity's awesome EPK! 

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