Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been inspired by pop music. It's all I've ever known. I immigrated to the United States at a young age and I was exposed to pop music. At home, I was exposed to tropical rhythms from my homeland...Bachata, Merengue and I appreciated it. I still do.

In the streets of Harlem I was exposed to a rap, deep base with lyrical rhymes and smooth R&B. I appreciated that too. I still do.

My pop blend would not make sense without that base i would hear outside my window bumping!

But, there was something about pop music that fascinated me and still does til this day. Madonna spoke to me. Michael Jackson spoke to me in English, a language I had yet to understand. This is why I truly believe it when people say "Music is Universal".

I didn't have to speak the language to be moved.

I've always wanted to make my very own blend of pop music....And I finally did! Alegria!

I've never been prouder because the moment I heard my new single "Alegria" play on national almost a week ago, everything felt right.

I felt complete.

This moment was important to me. It was a special moment for me and when I heard "Alegria" play on national radio in California, I closed my eyes and relished every mili second, just as if I was endulging in a rich, smooth piece of chocolate!

"Alegria" was nestled among pop's greatest on national radio...Pitbull, Jlo, Katy Perry. I admire them all!

I am not exactly sure what the future holds for me in music, but I am  hoping a lot of huge, wonderful things.  What I do know is that the little girl in me danced just as I did when I heard Madonna on the radio when I came to the United States and did not understand a word she was saying. It just sounded right.

This time I understood for I'd learned the language.

"Alegria" is a celebration and I want to thank DJ Addition for making this moment concrete. Gracias amigo. Thank you for believing in me.


Carmelina Vargas

soaking up my first time on mainstream radio

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