When I wrote the dance song "Looking For Love" in collaboration with DJ Creativity, I wasn't really sure in which direction we would go with the music video.  When I found out that I would be animated, i was super excited because it was the first time for me.

We had several calls with the animator, Will Samatis, and it was thrilling to view the sketches of my little cartoon.  As we all shared ideas on the theme of the video, my main concern was that my cartoon would stay true to my character.  We sent Will several photos of myself and I described my little cartoon as such: "must be sassy, almond eyes, full lips and comical"

A sense of humor is very important and I wanted my character to portray confidence, wittiness and that certain Carmelina spunk lol...and she did.


When i first saw my character, i was speechless and quickly showed her to my mom and we were a little freaked out because she looked so much like me lolz.

The theme was brilliant, DJ Creativity came up with a "Road Trip" theme and my cartoon drives to Miami, Texas and Los Angeles, only to find love in her back yard, in Harlem, New York! lol.  

It was also very thrilling that DJ Creativity's Deejay friends were also included and were spinning in the cities my girlfriend's and I would visit.

There is so much involved in the story line and I am so grateful that the animator, Will Samatis, took the time and effort to make such a great and innovative animation video.  Thank you DJ Creativity for letting me take part of such an amazing project! 


Carmelina, the cartoon is everything I imagined. :) 

Visit Will Samatis, animator, here

 DJ Creativity Featuring Carmelina
"Looking For Love" Official Music Video 

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