The song "Alegria" is a very special song to me and from the very beginning i had a remix in mind.  When I first released "Alegria", I knew there was an extra step I needed to take in order to give the song a bit of a different flavor.

I wanted the right rap artist to compliment "Alegria".  He also had to represent Uptown, New York City.  Sacario came to mind! Sacario, "Mr Guantalo ahi" was perfect for the "Alegria Remix"!

Mr. Guantalo Ahi - Sacario!

Sacario is one of the most amazing artists I've ever met.  He has the ability to say the sharpest things when he rhymes. I wanted to work with him and was really curious what he would write for his 16 bars. And, of course, he wrote something swift!!!

I'm not going to lie, but I was a little apprehensive about meeting Sacario.  I did my research and got to know his music and business endeavors.  Sacario is a multi-platinum rapper and an entrepreneur in film and media production! Wow!

His music is a bit hardcore! lol.  But, something told me that he had the ability to ride a 130 bpm track and he did!

He killed it! like a true, music professional with over 10 years under his belt. I was impressed! He is quite versatile!

Carmelina and Sacario in the Studio

Our studio session went smoothly. Communication was key.  I was a bit guarded and shy when I first met him simply because of  his credentials.  As the session progressed, Sacario made me feel at ease with his professionalism.  The producer and I learned a few tricks during the recording session. 

The "Alegria Remix" was born!

As an independent artist, collaborating is very important to me and to have collaborated with Sacario was an enriching experience.  Every artist has their own uniqueness and Sacario was quite polite and unlike his hardcore image, he takes the time to listen and apply his knowledge and expertise with emerging talent. He is a true leader.  

I look forward to crossing musical paths with Sacario again.

"Alegria Remix" is now available on iTunes and most digital outlets.  Add "Alegria Remix" to your collection! 


Sacario is currently working on some really excellent projects of his own.  
Learn more about Sacario at!

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