When i got the call from El Diario La Prensa i was excited and speechless.  I couldn't believe my ears.  El Diario La Prensa selected me as one of forty trail blazing women for the annual "Mujeres Destacadas Award - 2013"! Wow!

I've always been passionate about my culture and my music and when I was selected to be honored as a "Mujer Destacada 2013", I was in total awe - almost speechless. It felt really good to be recognized.  It was a pleasure to be acknowledged by a mainstream media newspaper like El Diario La Prensa, I felt like my dream had finally come full circle.  

All I could think about was my community and how I was bringing one back for the home team.  This award wasn't just about me.  It was about the bigger picture in which my family and my community were disserving of. 

After all, El Diario La Prensa is not only the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the country, and was now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, but it is also my dad's favorite newspaper in his native language!  It is everything that I am.

Carmelina Vargas honored with El Diario's Mujer Destacadas Award 2013

Carmelina Vargas celebrates her El Diario Destacadas Awards luncheon held at the Mandarin Hotel, New York City

The "El Diario's Mujeres Destacadas Award" Each year they celebrate the achievements of approximately fifty Latinas for their contributions and achievements in the corporate, business, entertainment, sports and community arenas.  I accepted the award and am featured in the special supplement published to recognize each honoree’s successes and contributions to the Latino Community.

Past honorees include: Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor; Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez; Actor Ana Ortiz;  founder of Latina magazine and Creative Arts Agency executive, Christy Haubegger;  news journalist, Soledad O’Brien;  Actor Rosario Dawson; and many others.

When my parents immigrated to the US from the Dominican Republic, my dad would read El Diario La Prensa on a daily basis.  El Diario made him feel home away from home, and still does.  He would specifically read the entertainment section  to me  and I enjoyed as a child (and as an adult!), in Spanish! LOL  

El Diario kept us current on all issues affecting our native countries and our current community in the states.  It is a melting pot of information that truly represents nuestra cultura hispana.

I've always wanted to be part of El Diario and I finally was! My parent's made sure my award was placed in their living room for everyone to see LOL.  

 Carmelina Vargas and Publisher and CEO Rosanna Rosada of El Diario La Prensa

Carmelina Vargas and Publisher and CEO, Rosanna Rosado

 Since its inception in 1913 El Diario has established itself as a paper with a mission to inform, promote, empower and celebrate the diverse Latino community.  Proceeds of the luncheon go to support scholarships for deserving economically disadvantaged young Latinas in pursuit of a college education. Our commitment to our purpose has earned us the title of “El Campeon de los Hispanos.” 

This year our luncheon took place at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York, on Friday, April 19, 2013. It was awesome! I got to network with a lot of powerful and humble latinas.  I made a few new friends in the process.  I also spent quality time with Special Assistant District Attorney, Lee Llambelis.  She has been a true mentor and inspiration and has guided my career closely towards a lighter path.  Lee Llambelis inspires me to serve my community more and more and with this award, there are no limits to what a latinita can do! 

The luncheon was awesome and so delicious.  I was so happy with the dessert because I was afraid there will be Flan and there wasn't! ha ha ha. I think i am the only latina that does not eat Flan.  Yuck! LOL

 Singer, Songwriter Carmelina Vargas and Merengue Queen Milly Quezada both honored by El Diario La Prensa Mujer Destacadas Awards 2013

Carmelina Vargas and Queen of Merengue, Milly Quezada


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