Gosh it felt so great to make new music.  I'd written some songs for my new music project.  I've put some singles out with tons of radio play, but i wanted to create something more.

Every artist grows in some way, shape or form and I feel like I'm that artist right now.  I feel like I've grown from a newbie to uhm let's say, to an independent artist a little more seasoned. lmao!!! 

Carmy has matured but this maturity has more to do with my spirit.  My spirit no longer needs permission to shine!!! 

I call my transformation a "Metamophosis"! 

So iwas totally feel like I'm different inside and I can't explain it. I try to muster the words but only music understands me in a way no one can.  So, why not record my joy, my confusion, my wisdom - the kind of wisdom only a melody or a song can convey.


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