As a dance/pop artist, it is important to me to work with different producers.  Every producer brings their own special sound and this makes the experience unique.  This time around, I had the opportunity to work with a well-known producer from China, DJ Ken Rock.


DJ Ken Rock


DJ Ken Rock and I shared ideas about writing a song about time and love.  I thought this was quite interesting and it hit home because I have a friend that is in a long distance relationship.  When my girlfriend speaks about her long distance relationship, her eyes light up and this is the happiest I’ve ever seen her.  She is smitten and wants to go the distance for the one who stole her heart.  They are getting married!


Although, DJ Ken Rock is half way across the world, he and I communicated with ease in opposite time zones, but we made it work.  He provided an image of the sun for inspiration and “Time For Love” was born.

Call my name and I'll be there
Dancing under the moon and stars
Think of me and I'll appear
It's time for us, It's time for love

I'ts been a while since I've touched your lips
and I wonder if you miss my kiss
Our time will always be right under the sun and moonlight
I will be by your side and never say goodbye

I miss the way you say my name
You always have the right things to say
Can't wait to see you again
Never gonna let you go


DJ Ken Rock


Sometimes you need encouraging words in order to bridge the distance of love and time.  Love is universal. 

DJ Ken Rock brought a different sound to the table and I wanted to experiment with a different international sound and relish the lovely experience.  It was amazing collaborating with DJ Ken Rock, and we continue sharing more musical ideas.  


Music connects the world in unspoken ways. It's "Time For Love".

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