This past weekend I ventured out to a fabulous "CD BABY DIY Musician Conference" in Chicago, the windy city!  I was so excited because I learned so much and this particular music conference catered to the independent musician like me.  The idea is to grow and expand your knowledge as you navigate the murky waters of the music industry lol.

Nothing is handed to you on a platter, oh the lessons…

I enjoy being an independent artist and from the day I decided to share my music with the world, I knew I had to juggle a lot of things;  Yes, and singing is one of them and songwriting, and promoting and collaboration, etc   And  that’s not even the half, now what about the business end?!! I wanted to learn more about that, too.  My brain is like a sponge and I came to Chicago to soak in as much knowledge as I could muster.

Yes! Carmy is always open to new and innovative ideas, and  to grow all aspects of this amazing music career of mine. haaaannnn

Soooooo, I attended the CDbaby music conference and I met so many wonderful people that were on the same wavelength as myself.  Aside from learning the new platforms on tech and music innovations , tips and tricks on how to become a better perfomer, I found people that I could relate to.  I was not alone.  I found my breed awwww


Being an independent artist is no cakewalk, but just like anything in life, when you stick it out you build stamina and most important of all, confidence!  
It felt good to visit the windy city of Chicago for the very first time. The conference was held in the historic "Congress Plaza Hotel".  I heard that the The Congress Plaza Hotel is haunted LOL and I found it a little spooky since it's almost Halloween. Boo!  OMG! Chicago, what an exciting city and I relished being an independent artist and to know that I was in control of my music and my future in music.  I met with old friend and met new friends along the way.  

Stay open and keep it fresh ;) 


A golden "Harmony" sunrise view outside ;) 

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