Italy is endless and I wanted to visit again.  As a yogi, I took advantage of the inspiration of my yoga instructor.  Cooper Chou encourages me strengthen my practice.  Tuscany was on his agenda and I, one with my path, I was excited that we were going Italia!  Bellissimo!!!


Cooper Chou and Carmelina

Cooper Chou is the most amazing yoga instructor.  Although in a group setting, he keeps a mental note of your progress and makes sure that your alignment is on point.  He teaches in several studios in New York City and Kula is one of his practices, and he is great at meditation. Visit Cooper Chou at for events and inspiration.


Cinque Terre


One of my favorite parts was Cinque Terre and hiking the mountains, then taking the train to Riomaggiore.  The Italian Riviera is so magical.  The vistas were breath-taking.  It was my first hike ever and I enjoyed every moment. It was so cool to finish the hike.  I didn't know I had it in me! lol. Thanks Kim!

Cooper's retreat was held in Tuscany (Lucca) at Il Borghino, Italy.  The villa was beautiful and although the Estate was huge, we had an intimate setting with our fellow yogis and the staff.  We loved the pool and the view of the beautiful mountains.  We also held a class outside by the lovely olive trees and vineyard. 

The food was amazing.  It was mostly vegetarian (no fish) and it was really nice lol. I would do it all over again!  Yoga rules!!! Arrevederci!


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